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Quotes Thank you so much dear Elaine for giving us the present of joy and love. Our little puppy Bailey has come to us so content and happy. You were so helpful and informative when we collected him, a great help. Would highly recommend you to anyone I know, top breeder thank you. X Quotes
Debbie Gill
Puppy mum

Quotes As I write this they are both sitting at my feet under my glass desk. They follow me round the house, giving my leg a little lick when I?m washing up or digging my socks out of the washing basket! They follow me into the loo and are the most delightful, faithful companions. They can get upstairs but haven?t mastered coming down yet. Both love to be picked up and cuddled and Milly is particularly patient with my 3 nieces, 10, 7 and 5, who always want to pick them up and walk around with them. They don?t beg at the table and they are just content to be part of whatever is going on at our house. We have lots of family and visitors around the house and they are so excited to see everyone and give them a good welcome, but are not annoying by demanding too much attention. Quotes
Glynis Gunning-Stevenson
Milly and Monty NO. 3

Quotes There has been a lot of learning going on at my end of the lead and I think I ought to get some proper training for them, because they are smart and I just need to learn how train them better. We have occasional accidents in the house but we are about to get a dog flap. Their personalities are quite different, Milly is bigger and more content to be cuddled but she can be quite snarly with Monty when he is annoying her. I sometimes call her ?Bendy Bus? because her body is so long! Monty is more wriggly and more of a character, he?s into everything, loves it when I put my finger in my drink and let him lick it - he likes orange juice just as much as tea! His hair on his head can be a bit wild and I call him ?Scrappy Doo?. He often looks confused when Milly snarls at him. They both love to get amongst the plants and can often be found with black beards from the dirt! Quotes
Glynis Gunning-Stevenson
Milly and Monty

Quotes I just thought I would send you a photo of Milly and Monty, as they are now 6 months old and have just had their very first proper groom and I think they look so smart and cute. They fitted in with our family from day one and even some of our friends and wider family that are not very doggie orientated fell in love with them at first sight! Right from the start they were contented curious little creatures and, I guess partly because they had each other, they grew in confidence and learned new things almost every day. They don?t appear to be afraid of anything, don?t worry about traffic, storms or bigger dogs, in fact they love big dogs and their tails wag wildly when they see them. They regard their walks as an opportunity to make lots of new friends! You may recall I told you I am 53 and have never had a dog before and that I am allergic to cats and most dogs, but not these two - I can bury my nose in their fur and breathe them in to my heart?s content. Quotes
Glynis Gunning-Stevenson
Milly and Monty NO. 1

Quotes This site is just amazing. I have found so much useful and helpful information. Elaine has just been the most informative, kind and special breeder i have ever met. Her love for her dogs goes beyond everything i have ever seen. This is how a dog lover and breeder should be. Her prices are high, but this reflects in what she does. If you can't afford a Maltese from Elaine - my advice is to save up. You will not be disappointed and it will be the best decision you've ever made. Quotes
Thank You
truly truly amazing

Quotes Hi Elaine, we just wanted to thank you for our adorable little puppy Smudge. He is beautiful, good natured, clever, friendly and such a welcome addition to our family. We feel so lucky to have him and cannot imagine life without him now and it has only been 3 weeks !!! We knew from the minute we met you Elaine how much you loved and cared for all your dogs and puppies and think they all have the best possible start to their lives which I am sure contributes to their good nature and lovely temperament. Smudge settled in with his new family very quickly and went through the night from the start. He travels well in the car and sits quietly on the front seat with his seatbelt restraint. He just loves meeting people both young and old. He has his "mad" playful times typical of a puppy but is just so endearing. The beautiful bed and blanket you gave us is still his favourite and he snuggles up to the blanket every night. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the time you let us spen Quotes

Quotes I can't recommend you highly enough as far as competent and genuine breeders go. You were fantastic in absolutely every aspect - ensuring your puppies went to the right homes when they were absolutely ready, going above and beyond with contact, reassurance and developing a relationship between Beau and I before I even bought him home. You ticked every box in terms of vaccinations, chipping and advice on future care and I have no doubt that you will always be on the end of the phone if I ever needed more, you genuinely love each and every pup. I just can't imagine a more thorough or caring breeder and because of that we have a beautiful, well rounded, placid and happy little dog, which I am certain is all down to his incredible start in life. Thank you Elaine! I hope that's ok and not too long winded, I really do mean every word of that and Beau is one gorgeous little boy who brings smiles to my kids every single day! Lisa x Quotes

Quotes Dear Elaine, A huge thank you to Albi's parents -- Millie and Charlie for producing such a wonderful boy. ALL credit goes to you, Elaine, for your unstinting dedication to the breed and for especially making Albi's debut into the world so caring, tender and warm for him. ?You have done a stirling job with his paper training as well as his puppy behaviour and socialisation. ? He now understands the command Sit and he is nearly there with the command Stay. ?He has such a pretty face and expression that looking at him would melt the coldest of hearts. ? With our grateful thanks and licks from Albi.? Best wishes, Margaret and Peter (we will keep in touch) Quotes
Maragret and Peter

Quotes Hi Elaine, Thank you very much for our beautiful boy, Buddy. We could not be happier with him, he is such a cute and cuddly little guy with a hillarious personality. We can't believe how well he has fitted in with our 1 year old Maltese girl, they absolutely love each other! Mr & Mrs Allaway Camberley, Surrey Quotes
Chris and Poppy Allaway
Our little Buddy

Quotes Thank you so very much for our beautiful puppy, Pixie. She has fitted very well into our family life and is very much loved. She is everything we ever wanted in a puppy and we feel it's all down to the wonderful start in life that you gave her. Thank you again" Love Karen, Geoff,Jade and Ruby xx Quotes
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