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Dog Breeders: How To Find a Good Breeder

Puppies puppies are not churned out of a mold. The puppies from one breeder are NOT the same as those from another breeder -- even of the same breed. The knowledge and skill of the breeder -- first, when he selected the parents, and second, when he raised the puppies to the age where you get to see them -- has a tremendous bearing on how your puppy turns out.

Every puppy has a breeder

Some people will insist that they got their puppy from a private seller rather than a breeder.

They think that if they got their puppy from someone who had one litter and placed an ad in the newspaper, they're not buying from a breeder.

Or they think that if they got their puppy from a neighbor who says, "Our Molly recently had pups. Would you like one?"...They're not buying from a breeder.


They're wrong.

A breeder is any person
who owns a female dog
who has a litter.


  • Even if that person simply owned two pets who were bred together and the puppies advertised in the newspaper.


  • Even if the breeding was accidental.


  • Even if the father was a mutt down the street, so the puppies aren't even purebred.


Whoever owns the female
is the BREEDER of her litter.


So unless a puppy is actually born on the street to a homeless female who truly has no owner, every puppy (whether purebred, crossbred, or mixed breed) has a breeder.

In other words, SOMEBODY is the breeder of every puppy you're considering acquiring.

Knowing now that every puppy has a breeder, the important question becomes:

Was the breeder responsible....or irresponsible?

Because there are really only TWO types of breeders:


1) responsible and knowledgeable


2) irresponsible and un knowledgeable