My Maltese Puppy

Everything you want to know and a liitle bit more 

This page is dedicated to Lucie 

On Saturday 27th December 2014.  Lucie was taken ill.  On Sunday 28th December she lost her fight.  And passed away at 12.02pm  

She went to the vets 3 times before she sadly passed away on the x ray table before the vets could do anything.  I missed her passing by seconds.  This was so hard for me.  i Kissed her and begged her to come back to me.  It seemed to quickly that she died.  On Saturday she was running around and being herself.  Although she had some diarrhea, i didn't think much of it.  I cleaned her up and snuggled her on the sofa.  I spent all night on the sofa with her.

She earned her puppy wings, at the age of 10 she choose to run around in heaven.  I know one day i will meet her again.  And i know she'll be around me forever.  Lucie  RIP